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Can Ear Acupuncture Help Relieve Your Addiction, Anxiety?

Acupuncture, a term coined in the 1680s that derives from Latin and means “pricking with a needle to ease pain.” However, acupuncture, an aspect of Chinese Traditional Medicine is the world’s oldest science and has been around for 3,000 to 5,000 years. There are numerous studies suggesting that acupuncture works however, there are others that suggest acupuncture simply promotes a placebo effect.

For most people the fact that acupuncture relieves suffering whether from infertility or pain makes it worth a try and many people do not feel the needles, at all. In fact, there are many types of acupuncture. Perhaps there is a type that may help you? If you are suffering but afraid of having needles all over your body, maybe auricular or ear acupuncture will work for you.

Ear acupuncture is a recent development, pioneered by Chinese and French physicians during the last 60 years. Acupuncture’s efficacy is based on the premise that every body has a complete energy system with 12 main “meridians” and many more “lesser “meridians. When the “qi” “life energy” flows through the body freely, the body is healthy and balanced. When the flow is interrupted or blocked, illness, disease and discomfort is produced. Acupuncture needles are inserted in order to unblock the flow of energy and create balance and healing in the body.

The doctors that created ear acupuncture found that the ear has points that mirror all areas of the body. These points are reflected on the ear as if an infant was curled up in the fetal position, upside down.

There is an auricular acupuncture wellness protocol that has been created by Michael O. Smith, MD, Dipl. Ac., psychiatrist and acupuncturist, to address addiction, anxiety and compulsive behaviors. The ear points treated in this protocol are to encourage calming, relaxing, the release of tension, detoxification, strengthening and improve respiration. It is currently being used throughout the world from Chinatown, New York City to Siberia and Nepal. Maybe it can help you?