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How to be the BEST Life Coach

You can be a life coach for yourself. You always have chance to reshape your whole life.

There are people around you whom you love and who needs you. They can be your children, your spouse, your colleague or anyone else whom you care about. Sometimes this can be you, who need help. You can use the same coaching way for yourself as well.

Actually both ways of coaching can be successful on different people. So, you need to know the details how they work and why?

There are negative and positive ways of coaching.

The negative way is focusing on the faults that have been done and criticizing it.

The positive way, on the other hand, is focusing on the results that people desire to get.

When you consider negative way;

You find the negative emotional attractors like their faults or regrets

You force people to think about them

People start defending

They close themselves

Any way they begin to think about change.

When you consider positive way;

You find the positive emotional attractors like their desires or goals

You force people to think about the future

Focusing on the future will help for better cognitive functioning and increase the perceptual accuracy

They will begin to notice the possibilities around them with this positive attitude.

The key of effective coaching is to help people, to find out the possibilities, no matter why they need coaching in the first place. You cannot decide on behalf of others but you can help them notice as much possibilities as they can. You must use this technique for yourself as well. Every kind of success depends on possibilities. Every decision you make comes with possibilities no matter your decision was successful or not.

At the end;

*Focus on the future

*Focus on your goals which help you take a step forward

*Keep your positive attitude

*Notice the possibilities

*Find out the details in the possibilities

*Turn the possibilities into opportunities with these details for your success.

Do you know one of the most important tricks of life coaching?

Do you know the way of most effective life coaching?

Most importantly, how do you help people, discover the possibilities when they need you?

If you want to really help someone, you must know how to do it. There are two ways of life coaching; focusing on future with compassion or focusing on the faults and criticizing them. Which is the best do you think? This is not hard to answer. But do you really know why compassionate coaching is better?

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