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Do-It-Yourself Home Remodeling

Do-it-yourself home remodeling is on the definite increase!

Whether it is the inability to sell their home in todays tough economic and credit climate or just a reluctance to go through the painful process of moving, more and more people are staying in their current home. And because they are staying put, more people are looking to upgrade or update their living space through do-it-yourself home remodeling projects.

If you are one of these people, here are some things you should know.

Do-It-Yourself Home Remodeling Quick Tip 

Paint is your friend!

Paint can take a room and completely change its look and feel in a matter of hours. A new coat of paint is a cost effective way to keep you up-to-date even if you can’t change your furnishings.

Consider a paint style that does not require a lot of special technique unless you have the time and patience to practice it. Prime your walls first if you are going from darker to lighter or one bold color to a different bold color.

Paint can even update old furniture. Again just remember to prepare your surface so your paint job looks good.

Go with a color one shade lighter on the color card than your ultimate color. Paint on a large surface always seems to be more colorful than that little square on the card.

Be bold! Don’t be shy! Live with it a little while and if you don’t like it, you can always paint over it and try again.

What Is Your Boldest Paint Job? 

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Do-It-Yourself Home Remodeling May Not Be As Easy As It Seems 

You’ve watched the shows. It looked easy when the guy/gal on TV did it. So why doesn’t mine look or fit the way theirs did?

I went to the store and asked the person in that department what to do. They told me in great detail. So what was Step 6 again? And how much time and gas is it going to take to go back to the store for the xxxth time to ask?

If you are planning to do any do-it-yourself home remodeling and have not done this type of project before you would benefit greatly from having a professional beginners remodeling guide that will walk you through the steps you need to complete each task.

A big bonus would be if this guide also had videos that you could watch, re-watch and back up as needed to get the job done. Even better if the guide and videos cover all parts of your home, not just one room.

Do-It-Yourself Home Remodeling May Benefit from Some Professional Input 

Are you planning to do some of the work yourself but feel more comfortable having a professional do certain parts? That is perfectly fine. Do not feel that you have failed as a do-it-yourselfer.

You should still save money as long as you consult with the professional you plan to use before you start any aspect of the project. You will want to do this so you can make sure that your ideas of the remodeling project mesh with theirs.

Also this way you can make sure you do not do any work that the professional would have to undo to complete their part of the project. This prior consultation can again save you money, many hours and much frustration.

Using professionals does not always guarantee a hassle-free project. Do you know what to do when a contractor you’ve hired doesn’t show up?

Handyman Price List

Any handyman can benefit from using the Handyman Price List. Imagine being able to give customers a flat rate on all repair projects in a home. No more guesswork.

I know when I started my handyman business there was nothing out there that helped me with my pricing. I was actually kind of lost. I had no clue what to charge my customers for the projects in their homes. Well, after years of figuring out what worked and what didn’t I started to get an idea of what I could charge for various repairs and improvements in a house. I got tired of trying to come up with a new price on every job so I started recording how long jobs were taking and what I was charging for each.

I began to have a nice size list of all the repairs I was doing in homes and flat rates that I was charging for each one. My customers loved the flat rates because some of the other handymen they used in the past just had an hourly rate. It’s a little scary to hire someone for an hourly rate when you don’t really know how long they are going to take. However, when you can give the customer a flat rate before you start the job it makes everything so much more simple, and the risk isn’t on the customer anymore. They like that.

Can Ear Acupuncture Help Relieve Your Addiction, Anxiety?

Acupuncture, a term coined in the 1680s that derives from Latin and means “pricking with a needle to ease pain.” However, acupuncture, an aspect of Chinese Traditional Medicine is the world’s oldest science and has been around for 3,000 to 5,000 years. There are numerous studies suggesting that acupuncture works however, there are others that suggest acupuncture simply promotes a placebo effect.

For most people the fact that acupuncture relieves suffering whether from infertility or pain makes it worth a try and many people do not feel the needles, at all. In fact, there are many types of acupuncture. Perhaps there is a type that may help you? If you are suffering but afraid of having needles all over your body, maybe auricular or ear acupuncture will work for you.

Ear acupuncture is a recent development, pioneered by Chinese and French physicians during the last 60 years. Acupuncture’s efficacy is based on the premise that every body has a complete energy system with 12 main “meridians” and many more “lesser “meridians. When the “qi” “life energy” flows through the body freely, the body is healthy and balanced. When the flow is interrupted or blocked, illness, disease and discomfort is produced. Acupuncture needles are inserted in order to unblock the flow of energy and create balance and healing in the body.

The doctors that created ear acupuncture found that the ear has points that mirror all areas of the body. These points are reflected on the ear as if an infant was curled up in the fetal position, upside down.

There is an auricular acupuncture wellness protocol that has been created by Michael O. Smith, MD, Dipl. Ac., psychiatrist and acupuncturist, to address addiction, anxiety and compulsive behaviors. The ear points treated in this protocol are to encourage calming, relaxing, the release of tension, detoxification, strengthening and improve respiration. It is currently being used throughout the world from Chinatown, New York City to Siberia and Nepal. Maybe it can help you?

Acupuncture for Cats and Dogs: Holistic Therapies for Companion Animals and Farm Livestock

The most popular holistic therapies chosen by people with chronic health problems are acupuncture, herbal medicines – both Western and Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) – massage, aromatherapy and energy healing such as reiki.

It’s taken a little longer, but veterinary surgeons in Britain, Australia and the US are starting to embrace these holistic therapies for animals with chronic conditions.

Western Veterinary Medicine Vs Holistic Therapies?

Australian vets interviewed for a forthcoming series on holistic therapies stress it is not a case of either/or.

“It’s more a case of what is the best treatment or combination of treatments for that condition in that animal,” says Dr Bruce Ferguson, President of the American Association of Traditional Chinese Veterinary Medicine.

Dr Ferguson divides his time between The Chi Institute of Chinese Medicine, Reddick, Florida, his holistic veterinary practice in Perth, Western Australia, and lecturing in TCVM (Traditional Chinese Veterinary Medicine) to final year veterinary students at Murdoch University, in WA.

“A vet must always act in the best interests of the patient,” he says.

“So, it’s important not to be exclusively for one therapy or another. The practice must be integrated to help the animal.

“Vets need to think outside of the box of their training. They should know that acupuncture, food therapy, herbs, can help, especially for chronic conditions that western veterinary medicine can’t fix.

Holistic Therapies for Chronic Conditions

Dr Ferguson is one of the growing numbers of vets worldwide practising holistic therapies to meet the needs of pet owners and breeders who want treatment for their animals when their western trained vet says “I’m sorry, there’s nothing more I can do.”

The animals are generally suffering from chronic or degenerative conditions affecting their digestive systems, joints and skin. These are conditions that surgery can’t fix, or pharmaceuticals merely maintain or even make the condition worse.

“The demand is coming from our clients”, say many of the vets interviewed. “They know holistic therapies work for humans and they want the same benefits for the animals they love.”

Some holistic vets also work with wildlife rescue organizations, mainly applying acupuncture to relieve pain and distress.

Acupuncture the First Step

As with human medicine, acupuncture is often the first step for vets considering holistic therapies. Acupuncture is widely recognized for musculo-skeletal pain relief and neurological problems, and, combined with herbs, for treating chronic skin and digestive conditions such as eczema and irritable bowel.

Veterinary acupuncture has been practised in the US for well over a decade.

“Acupuncture has proven to be a safe and relatively painless treatment for a variety of illnesses in animals,” says Dr. Mark Crisman, professor of Large Animal Clinical Sciences in the Virginia-Maryland Regional College of Veterinary Medicine at Virginia Tech.

He recently used acupuncture to cure a horse of painful lameness resulting from a leg infection.

Animals Find Acupuncture Soothing

President of the Australian Veterinary Acupuncture Group (AVAG), Dr Esther Horton says acupuncture is suitable for a wide range of animals. She mainly works with dogs and cats, but has also treated koalas for a wildlife organization.

Most animals find acupuncture quite soothing and relaxing, she says, and are usually docile, especially if they have had the treatment before. Cats, in particular, tend to fall asleep.

“The koalas were better behaved than some cats and dogs that I see, so it really depends on the individual animals, as to how well they take the treatment.

“In general though, most animals find acupuncture quite relaxing, as people do, so they usually do not need restraint and only rarely need sedation.”

How to be the BEST Life Coach

You can be a life coach for yourself. You always have chance to reshape your whole life.

There are people around you whom you love and who needs you. They can be your children, your spouse, your colleague or anyone else whom you care about. Sometimes this can be you, who need help. You can use the same coaching way for yourself as well.

Actually both ways of coaching can be successful on different people. So, you need to know the details how they work and why?

There are negative and positive ways of coaching.

The negative way is focusing on the faults that have been done and criticizing it.

The positive way, on the other hand, is focusing on the results that people desire to get.

When you consider negative way;

You find the negative emotional attractors like their faults or regrets

You force people to think about them

People start defending

They close themselves

Any way they begin to think about change.

When you consider positive way;

You find the positive emotional attractors like their desires or goals

You force people to think about the future

Focusing on the future will help for better cognitive functioning and increase the perceptual accuracy

They will begin to notice the possibilities around them with this positive attitude.

The key of effective coaching is to help people, to find out the possibilities, no matter why they need coaching in the first place. You cannot decide on behalf of others but you can help them notice as much possibilities as they can. You must use this technique for yourself as well. Every kind of success depends on possibilities. Every decision you make comes with possibilities no matter your decision was successful or not.

At the end;

*Focus on the future

*Focus on your goals which help you take a step forward

*Keep your positive attitude

*Notice the possibilities

*Find out the details in the possibilities

*Turn the possibilities into opportunities with these details for your success.

Do you know one of the most important tricks of life coaching?

Do you know the way of most effective life coaching?

Most importantly, how do you help people, discover the possibilities when they need you?

If you want to really help someone, you must know how to do it. There are two ways of life coaching; focusing on future with compassion or focusing on the faults and criticizing them. Which is the best do you think? This is not hard to answer. But do you really know why compassionate coaching is better?

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